Sunday, March 1, 2009

Your Heart Will Go on......Titanic.

The sinking of the Titanic is a story that has been told over and over and a scene that has been researched for many years. The movie puts a spin on the famous ship by telling the captivating love story between Jack Dawson and Rose Bukater.

The film stars the handsome Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack and the beautiful Kate Winslet as Rose. Rose is a wealthy young women and Jack, a man with barely enough money; winning the ticket onto the Titanic in a poker hand. The two unlikely pair meet when Rose appears to be committing suicide. They fall in love even though they are not supposed to be together (as Rose is engaged and Jack is of a "lower class"). Their love develops stronger as they fight to stay alive on a sinking ship.

This film is absolutely amazing, winning 11 Oscars and nominated for 3 more! Not to mention the Golden Globe and Grammy award (as well as winning 76 other awards and nominated for 46 more). Robert Ebert says the "film of the tragic voyage is in the tradition of the great Hollywood epics. It is flawlessly crafted, intelligently constructed, strongly acted and spellbinding." One definitely has to agree with Ebert. Titanic will be known as one of the greatest Hollywood epics, and I believe will go down in history as one of the best "chick flicks" ever made. Probably one of the most expensive ever made as well....just throwing that out there. (Costing $200 million to make the movie) Luckily it is the highest grossing movie of all time, making $600 million in the U.S and over $1.2 billion worldwide.

It is not hard to understand why Titanic is one of the greatest "chick flicks." It is a tragic love story where two people of different social classes fall in love. They have to fight the idea of social standards, Rose's fiance and the sinking of a "unsinkable" ship. The ending illustrates the strength of their love when Jack sacrifices himself for Rose (I know what you're thinking...."Why couldn't you share the raft!!!"). Rose is a powerful female heroin that decides what she wants and she takes it. She doesn't listen to her snob of a mother or fiance.So would a guy enjoy this movie? OF COURSE! Should I even have to ask? What is not to like about the Titanic? If you are not a fan of the incredible, tear-jerker of a love story then you have to like the idea behind the movie (i.e the sinking ship). The movie is action packed and fun, with great special effects and even a great history lesson. If you can sit through the three hour movie then I can almost guarantee that you will enjoy it.

So again, watch the trailer (if you haven't seen the movie, or if you would like to be reminded of how great it is) and then go watch the movie! Enjoy.

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