Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Hello, my name is Inego Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die..." and laugh with The Princess Bride

I was flipping through satellite, trying to find something to watch when I saw The Princess Bride. Even though I own the movie and could watch it at any time, I instantly was dying to watch it. The Princess Bride has to be on my top five favourite movies of all time, and it just so happens to be a "chick flick."

The movie is about the love between Buttercup and Westley. Unfortunate events, Buttercup being kidnapped and Westley thought to be dead, separate the two. However, they are brought back together after defeating the evil Prince Humperdinck......I am totally serious, his name is actually Humperdinck.

As if the unforgettable love story is not enough to draw your attention, the ability to make you laugh or smile is well worth it. Robert Ebert calls The Princess Bride "a sly parody" and says he "will be laughing a lot" (full review). Some of the scenes may be a bit ridiculous or unreal, but it only adds to the movie. The film has won the Toronto International Film Festival award and was nominated for many other awards, such as an Oscar.So yes women will love watching the story of poor Buttercup and her love Westley, but guys will enjoy this movie too. No, I'm not joking. Do not judge the movie by its title, or its poster. If you do not believe me, believe Slice and Men's Health. Both sites have given The Princes Bride the, what I would like to call, guy's stamp of approval. Ladies, just tell your guy that "according to Men's Health it's good for you....." would that work? I don't really know, maybe I will test it out.

Anyways, why wouldn't men like this film? There are hilarious moments, sword fighting, magic, a giant (not literally, but pretty darn close), flesh eating eels and of course kidnapping and near death experiences. Believe me guys, you will hardly notice the love story. So, as always, watch the trailer and see if it is right for you!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

"What are men compared to rocks and mountains"...or Pride and Prejudice

Sigh. Smile. Sigh. Laugh. Sigh. Sigh. Smile. This is about all you will do while you watch Pride and Prejudice. This movie is absolutely amazing and I believe one of the best, if not THE best "chick flicks" ever made. However, I have not seen every single "chick flick," so I will restate that it is the best out of the ones I have seen. Although there are a couple versions of Pride and Prejudice, the one that I will be discussing is the version starring Keira Knightly as Elizabeth Bennet and Matthew Macfayden as Mr. Darcy.

The movie is about the lives of the Bennets, an English family consisting of five sisters. The film follows the growing love between Mr Bingley and Jane, and of course Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. It illustrates hardships the family endure and the challenges imposed on the love between the characters. It's a powerful film, where love is brought together, overcoming obstacles thrown in the way. The language in the movie is beautifully written and the acting is magnificent. The film was nominated for many awards, including four Oscars, and won a number of critic awards (see IMDB).

It is not hard to understand why Pride and Prejudice is considered a "chick flick." The main character, Elizabeth is a strong independent women and it is about friendship, sisterly affection, relationships and yes you guessed it, love. However, I will make the argument that it is definitely a movie men can love too. Most, if not all, the men reading this blog are English majors. Therefore, I would assume that you enjoy reading well written novels and have probably read some of Jane Austin, maybe even Pride and Prejudice. If this is the case, then there is no reason you should not like the movie. If you are not an English major or found the book too confusing or too difficult, then the movie is right for you. It helps paint a picture of what is going on, allowing you to enjoy the story line.Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite movies, so I can easily say I am biased when it comes to just how good this movie is, but I am not the only one who thinks so. It is currently number five on Yahoo's Top Ten Best Chick Flick list out of 105 movies. So it is obviously on quite a few favorite lists. For all the men out there, we know you don't want to be be held to the standard of Mr. Darcy so we will try not to, but watch the trailer, see if it is right for you, and then go rent it! I can almost guarantee that most of you will love this movie just as much as I do.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Revenge of the Brides

I just wanted to update anyone who wishes to go see a movie sometime in the near future; there is a new "chick flick" currently being played at the theaters called Bride Wars. This movie is starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway and is about two best friends who turn against each other when their weddings are mistakenly scheduled for the same day. The film seems like it will be a comical movie about friendships and certainly worth watching.

If I get a chance to watch it, and I hope that I do, I will make sure to post what I think of it. If you have not seen the trailer, I suggest that you do and if anyone else has a chance to go see it I would love to hear what you thought of it.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I guess it would make sense to write an introductory post first, much like a movie would introduce the main characters in the opening. As can be seen, I already posted a review of Twilight. I was too excited to explore the many "chick flick" movies out there and forgot to introduce my blog to the world, or more likely just those people from Advanced Composition. So here it is: Drama Queen, a blog about some of the best movies made for women, or "chick flicks"

I decided to write my blog on "chick flicks" because I think its a genre that is overlooked, especially by the men in the world. As soon as a film is labeled a "chick flick" it seems a lot of guys, maybe not all, automatically steer clear of it. Yes I will admit there are some that I can almost guarantee guys will not like because really, its just inevitable. However, I believe that most of the movies I will be discussing are films guys can enjoy too.

So what is a "chick flick?" I am not going to spend time defining what the term means because I am going to assume that most people already know. I did, however, find a rather amusing definition written by a man, "dietdoc," that is worth reviewing. One of the main points he makes is that these movies are about relationships.

Drama Queen is a blog that is going to look at any new "chick flick" movies that are released, but mostly I will review some of the best from the past. At first I wasn't sure how I was going to decide which movies were actually considered the best, but I found that Yahoo conducted a "chick flick" survey. The films on the list will be the basis for my reviews, although no particular order will be followed.

Anyways, I hope that everyone enjoys Drama Queen. You never know, maybe it will inspire you to go out and rent some of the movies I will talk about.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

In love with a Vampire.....

Everyone has heard something about Twilight and if you haven't, you probably need to emerge out from under your rock. Whether you have actually read the books, seen the movie or heard discussions, it's basically impossible not to know about Bella and her immortal love Edward. The Twilight Saga has grown to four books, incredible amounts of merchandise, and most importantly, a movie.

what's better than a vampire searching for the love of his life (for lack of a better word) for 117 years, and it turning out to be a 17 year old human? Nothing! They say opposites attract, and apparently this is the same for an undead vampire and a human. The story of Edward and Bella's forbidden love is an amazing tale for any romantic, especially for us women. That is not to say that you gentlemen can't love.... love is a strong word, enjoy watching Twilight. There is a battle between good and evil with lots of blood and a few deaths. Okay, it's one death and not that much blood, but still it's about vampires....enough said. So yes Twilight is a chick flick that will have you laughing, smiling, and sighing along with the movie, but there are also some good special affects (for their budget range), fun music, and action packed scenes.

For those who have already seen and loved Twilight, myself included, you have to be excited for the estimated seven million dollars it made just on the Thursday midnight release, and an estimated seventy million on its opening weekend (more information). Twilight has moved into position 14 for highest opening day revenues, allowing the second installment of the Twilight Saga, New Moon to start filming. For those who have not seen it, I suggest that you go, and those who did not like it.....well maybe the romantic movies are not for you.